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Your Source Of traffic will determine your CTR

Your Source Of traffic will determine your CTR

the kind of traffic you get will determine your true CTR.
Get a lot of visitors from Digg or StumbleUpon? Sorry, your chances of monetizing that traffic are very low
Get a ton of visitors from posting comments on unrelated blogs? Once again, you probably won’t see too many clicks from such traffic.
Get a lot of visitors on your insurance site from a YouTube video of a cat playing piano? You’d much rather try competing in a 100m race with Usain Bolt than squeeze a decent CTR off such traffic.
All the above sources of traffic are untargeted . A man watching a cat video on YouTube has no interest in your insurance site. He may click your link out of curiosity, but expecting him to click on your ads and actually provide a good lead to an advertiser is stretching things a bit too far.
Similarly, most people who frequent social bookmarking sites like Digg or Reddit are technically knowledgeable. Moreover, these visitors come to these sites with a mindset of “let’s find something interesting to waste away an hour on”. This is the reason why the first page of Digg is filled with pictures of kittens, funny lists, comics, and stories about Ubuntu and Linux. Such visitors won’t click on your ad, even if you put up big shiny arrows pointing towards it and pictures of Megan Fox around it.
So, what kind of visitors bring in the dough?

The targeted kind.

Traffic from search engines, article directories, niche related forums, and related sites will convert very well with AdSense.
Think about it: Suppose I run a website on “cheap car insurance” and I rank number 3 on Google for that keyword. I have an article in titled “How to Get Cheap Car Insurance”. I am also a member of a car insurance forum, and I have several links on related car insurance websites.
Suppose a visito r goes to Google, types in “cheap car insurance” and finds my site. Since he is already looking for car insurance, there’s a big chance he will be interested in my AdSense ad and click on it. Similarly, a visitor who finds my article in EZineArticles and comes to my website will be much more interested in the ad than a visitor who found my site searching for “free car racing games”.
I always say this: I’d much rather have 10 targeted visitors than 10,000 untargeted ones.
If your site gets a lot of traffic from the untargeted sources of traffic mentioned above, you will have a hard time getting a high CTR, no matter what tricks youpull off.

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