samedi 3 mars 2012

How To Use My Custom Adsense Theme


If you've worked with Wordpress at all, you already know that Wordpress usessomething called “themes” to control the look and feel of a site.
Themes are installed in much the same way as the plug-ins from the last section (see I told you Wordpress is easy to learn).
Now for a bonus... I have developed a custom theme specially designed for
This theme can be found in the same folder as this guide. It is best to upload the theme via FTP, as the Wordpress theme loader is not 100% reliable.
Got it? Great, now let's look in detail at what this theme can do, because it is a powerful tool that will help you get your Adsense sites up and running quickly.
First let's take a look at an actual page created with this custom theme .

Image: “Best Home Theatre Systems” A live site made with my customtheme.
Let's take a look at the on-screen features that make this theme work so well...
The theme itself is based on a tried and true copywriting formula
called AIDA. As some of you may know, AIDA stands for attention, interest, desire, action.
Advertisers have been using this formula successfully for decades, and we will be using it here.
The headline on top grabs attention.
Advertisers know they have onlysecondsto get a customer's attention, and make them think, “Hey, this is for me”.
If your site fails to do this, nothing else you put on it matters, because your visitor will have already moved on to something else.
The ads are integrated in the theme and the top row of ads creates a navigation look, visually making the theme less busy. Later I will show you where to find pictures that cost only a few pennies- professional pictures like the ones you see above that will make you site look great, and keep your visitors paying attention.
Now that you have you have that attention, you have to get your visitors interested in what you have to offer.
This is accomplished through a short article that tells your visitor how you are going to be solving a particular problem of theirs.
This is an important topic, and it will be covered in depth in chapter 6 where we talk about writing like a salesman, and writing for a good click-thru rate.
If your article has done its job, your readers will now desire the solution to their problems you are offering. Your readers are now hopefully motivated to will takeaction
This action comes in the form of clicking on one of the links in your page.
In the theme I have integrated three things:
The new Google +1 button
Automatic Amazon affiliate products
Automatic eBay affiliate product
Here you can see where you can easily place your Adsense codes and affiliate id’s.
(Live site at

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