lundi 5 mars 2012

Promot Your Site:Directories, Backlinks,Web 2.0,Link Velocity

Step 17

Not to be confused with article directories (talked about above). Directories are simply lists of websites, usually arranged by category. Think of them like the yellow pages for websites.
Submitting your url to directories is one of the most basic methods of off-site promotion, and it is one you should be doing for your micro-niche site.
Submitting your url to directories will get your site to show up quickly in search engine results, and it will give you additional backlinks.
The downside is that submitting to hundreds of directories is extremely tedious and time consuming.
Thankfully, there are software options for doing this as well, both free and paid.


The next building block for off-site promotion is backlinks. Google engineers have revealed that its search engine basically treats any site linking to your site like a “vote” cast for your site.
Therefore building backlinks is essential part of SEO.
Here are some proven methods for doing just that...

Web 2.0

Here are some Web 2.0 sites to get you started:

Directory submissions

We already talked about this, so I'll just mention again that directories are a valuable source for backlinks to your site, along with the other advantages they offer.
Here is a list of some of the top directories to start with (these are all free):
DMOZ Directory
Librarians' Internet Index Directory
Mavicanet Directory
Illumirate Directory

Warrior Forum Blog Post

The Warrior Forum and Wicked Fire are two great Internet marketing forums.
Chances are you bought this guide from one of the two places. If you are a member of the Warrior Forum, and the War Room, you will have a blog that you can post things on. (
Leave a link on this blog and you will definitely get some credit with the search engines. As for Wicked Fire, I like to leave a link in my signature and on as examples when helping people answer related questions in the newbie section. There are tons of people asking about Adsense! Note: Be careful as someone could steal your niche.
I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, just don’t give to much info and definitely down play your sites success rate.

Link Velocity

There is a lot of confusion about this subject, but link velocity boils down to one thing: the rate at which you are building your links.
There are two things you should be concerned with. First, if you build too many links, two quickly (like going overboard with mass article submissions), you can be penalized by Google.
In the worst case, your site will be “sandboxed”, meaning it won't show up in the searches at all. And once you're in the “sandbox” it will take a long time to get back out again, if you ever do.
The second point- and one that is often overlooked- is how your link building trails off as you finish your SEO efforts.
Going from adding 100-200 links a day to a sudden 0 is not what Google sees as “organic” link building.
The point is that your links should trail off gradually, not fall off a cliff.


Build inbound links as many as you can for your site. Avoid anything
that creates them in mass amounts (Black/Gray hat processes, spoofing,
spamming, etc.). Along with that remember use related forums, blogs, and other
resources like: Yahoo Answers, article directories, and other niche related places
around the web. If you have the Digi-Article Blaster then you are already off to a
great start.
Armed with the information in this chapter, your off-site promotion will soon
shoot your Adsense sites up the rankings.

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