samedi 3 mars 2012

Keyword Tools


Keywords are the basics of how people find things on the web.
I cannot stress enough how important it is to build your site on a solid foundation of keywords.
In a just a few minutes, I am going to reveal to you some of the most valuable information in this course- my “golden nuggets”
First though, I want to go over some of the basics of keyword research. This will be old hat to some of you, but even experienced Internet marketers may pick up a pointer or two.

Google's Keyword Tool is shown above. Go there now so that you can follow along.
Start by entering your keyword into the search box. The keyword should be very generic at this point. For example, “shoes” would be a good choice, but “men's size 9 shoes” is too specific for the moment.
What the Google Keyword Tool will do is effectively give you a list of searches related to the keyword you enter. It will also show you data about the number of monthly searches, and the competition for each search phrase.
Now we will narrow down this list to the ones that suit our purposes for smaller niche sites.

Look in the column on the left hand side, and select [Exact] match from the list.
Next, sort the list by “Competition” by clicking on that column in the results.
Remember, we are looking for low to mid competition keywords. High competition keywords will take much work to rank for, while little or no competition probably means there is no money in that market.
Another important piece of information that the Google Keyword Tool provides is the monthly search volume.
You want to that number to be in a “sweet spot”. Below I will explain the details to performing a great keyword search.
Once you build your list of keywords this tool will allow you to copy and paste
these to your notepad for later, or export the to Microsoft Excel (highly recommended if you own Excel).
The next step is to find out how much each Adsense click will be worth to you.
Obviously, a more lucrative keyword is worth more to you, but it is important to balance this against how much competition is out there for that keyword.

Go to a handy, free website called
Typing the keyword we like will bring up a list of actual Google Adsense ads that display for that keyword.
This tool has a number of helpful features, but for now we will concentrate on one of them- CPC or “Cost Per Click”.
The CPC value for each ad will give you a rough idea of how easy it is to monetize a site built for that particular word.
You may also use
as well. It does the same thing as Keyword Spy, it’s just a matter of preference.
I usually shoot for keywords that bring in a least $1.00 per click, and so should you. $0.50 cents is okay as well but shoot for $1.00.
OK! Lets take a look at my secret weapon for finding keywords that you can use to absolutely dominate the search engines...
The Adsense Secret Go to Password: lazy10ksecretvidz123

Keyword Blueprint: The specs mapped out

Now let's create your “keyword blueprint” for your niche site.
Using keyword tools, like Google or Micro Niche Finder, you have generated a list of keyword phrases, all related to your main keyword
Micro-niche keywords should have these specs:
They will normally be at least 3, and as long as 5 or more words.
The Local Search Count should be between 49-499 per month (More experienced users who are familiar with SEO go higher than 499)
The Exact Phrase Count should be less than 200,000
The keywords will be worth at least $1 per click but $0.50 is okay too.
Strength of Competition preferably between 0 & 25
Measure of Backlinks below 200
How many keywords do you need to get started? At least 10, and more are always better. Later, we'll be creating a separate page of content for each ofthese keyword phrases (and adding our Adsense ad block too, of course).

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