vendredi 9 mars 2012

Adsense Conversion Secrets Introduction


Almost every newbie marketer makes the mistake of thinking that a site has to“look good” to make money. They go all gaga over expensive Wordpress themes with snazzy graphics and impressive features. “So, it has a fade in effect for the built in picture slide show? Cool! $47, you say? Sure, here’s my credit card”.
Here’s the actual truth: your site’s looks don’t matter.
Ever seen one of those guru sales letters with stark white backgrounds and simple red fonts? Why do you think they choose such layouts and colors?
Because they are drab, dull people who hate color, or because such minimalistic layouts are proven to get conversions?
I’m pretty sure it’s the latter reason...
See, the thing is, you are making a site to make money through PPC. You are not running a big blog like or that relies on CPM ads and monthly sponsorship. If I were trying to create the next, I wouldn’t dream of putting up an ugly web design, but when it comes to AdSense, excessive graphics are your worst enemies .Here’s what you want your visitor to do: come to your website, click on an ad,
You shouldn’t bother about page views, or the amount of time they spent on your site, or the bounce rate. Bother with these things when you’re trying to make the next As an AdSense marketer, you should care
only about four statistics:
1. The daily traffic
2. The CTR
3. The CPC
4. The daily revenue
So forget about the graphics. Concentrate on getting clicks, and getting the visitors off your site as quickly as possible.

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