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What Are Considered Quality Backlinks?

Links must be from a relevant site – For example, since my targeted niche is tea appreciators, relevant sites would be those inthe subject of tea, or even health!
Your link on a site with a high PR (PageRank) on search engines.
Your link is within the content or body of a page (not in the footeror sidebars).

How To Find Good Backlinks:

Emailing Other Webmasters

This is an extremely tedious, but effective method to garner quality backlinks. You just need to seek out and comb search engines for other websites with the same niche. Next, send a simple and personalized email request to fellow webmasters, and show them how it will benefit them if you both exchange links to each other's blogs. However, be sure to assess their sites first, as it would be detrimental if your site is being linked from a site with a low PR.

Find Directories in Your Own Niche

Submit your written articles to directories in your own niche and include links back to your site within the content, i.e., if you sell or offer information about vitamins then look for directories focused on health products. You can also submit your articles to article directories such as
For your convenience we have found this site which has conveniently helped to rate a huge list of article directories for its readers. Click on the link below to view the list!

Do take time to visit the link and look through the list above! Start submitting your site pages and articles to these directories to boost your search rankings!

Guest Posting

This process involves writing quality articles and submitting them to other websites that are willing to accommodate guest writers. Often, these websites are willing to allow you to include a few links within the submitted articles, which provides your own blog with publicity as well! A tip here is to provide a link within the article to your site related to the focus in the article -- not necessarily your home page. It is important not to post the same article on your own website or you may be penalized for duplicate content.

Commenting On Other Blogs

You can also post messages in blogs related to the topic of your site with a link to your website within the post where appropriate. Be sure the links are not "no followed", and instead, “do followed”

Participate in Forums

Find forums related to your website's focus and post often so you will get noticed and build up trust so people will click on the link in your profile or signature and possibly link to your site from their own site or in other forums showing where they found valuable information.
You should be posting information that is beneficial to other readers, so as to increase the probability of readers visiting your site. Remember:
readers are attracted to helpful content! Also note that most forums now put a rel="nofollow" on all outgoing links so this may not benefit you with ranking but may bring some traffic.
Purchasing Advertisements

Advertising online is another source of traffic for a website. There are many advertisement websites and many methods for advertisement running online. It completely depends on you what exactly you need.Let’s discuss about some online advertisement types.

CPC (Cost-Per-Click)

CPC based advertisement programs such as and Google adwords facebook are one of the more commonly used advertisements online. To ads utilize these, it is not required of you to spend a large sum. These
advertisement networks allow you to pay for every click that your advertisement gets. The concept of purchasing these ads is pretty simple – bidding. For each keyword for which you want to advertise, you need to specify a bidding amount that you are willing to spend for each click. The advertiser who spends the maximum amount for a CPC click, get the most traffic for his website.

Blog Ads

Many blogs offer advertisement spaces on their pages for a sum of money, where you can display your banner on these spaces. In this case, the cost is dependent on the online reputation of these blog hosts, as a site that garners tons of traffic on a daily basis would surely charge more than a site with a low traffic count. An advantage of such a setting is that such ads are often very targeted and can be very effective in bringing traffic to a website if used properly.

Solo Ads

Purchasing solo ads involves paying a fixed sum of money to a webmaster who has a huge subscriber list on hand. The webmaster will then send a swipe, which is a personally customized email which promotes your website through the use of banners or text links, to his list of subscribers. This method works best if you are purchasing solo ads
from someone of the same niche as you, as you are actually leveraging on the traffic that the other party has!

Quick Summary

Remember, traffic is paramount to the amount of money your blog actually earns from adsense. The more backlinks you establish, the more connections you have, and the higher your website will rank in search engines! Optimize your ads to fit into your blog's layout, and you will soon find out that it is possible to dictate the spots which your visitors click at!

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