jeudi 1 mars 2012

How To Earn Without Working

Now that Your website has attained massive hits on a regular daily basis and that you have started earning money from your well optimized Adsense, what do you do next?
The answer is simple: Turn Your Blog Into “Auto-Pilot” Mode!


You might soon possibly feel that producing good quality and SEO- friendly content can be extremely time consuming for you, especially when you've got so much other aspects of internet marketing to focus on.. Or perhaps you might think that you lack the technical skills or

knowledge of your intended niche topic to actually write an authoritative article. Fret not, I provide the solution here for your doubts and fears! You can
simply outsource your blog's article writing to other freelance copywriters who are professionals and knowledgeable in their respective fields.
These freelance writers are willing to produce excellent content that are endorsed with search engine optimization techniques for you at a small sum of perhaps $5-7 per article.
Try to check among people you know who are good in writing and employ their services. You can also post a job on legitimate online sites; make sure to describe your proposal clearly. Pay your chosen applicants to do a sample and see which one makes the best article in a voice that fits your business.

I recommend these sites here to look for professional copywriters who charge low rates:

Above shown is a screenshot of an article writing offer in Fiverr. It sure looks like a great offer for just $5! Also, you can click on the tabs on the right, (as shown in the red boxes) to find more outsourcing offers that can boost your business as well!
Another site that offers great outsourcing services for your website is

This site guarantees quality results and services from their pool of talents. Your blog will surely be filled with engaging articles that can attract a constant flow of traffic! Once your blog has established auto-pilot mode, you can then proceed to build up your next blog! Follow the steps from page 1 of you will soon find that you can start earning up to $2000 dollars per month without much effort needed to monitor the blogs that you own!

Flipping Sites

Once you have started earning cash and have gained a small capital, you can then invest your money to purchase websites that are put up for sale! I suggest visitingto view a myriad of sites that are sold online. The intention here is to purchase a website at a cheap cost that has potential to make you more money in the future! After taking over a site, all you need to do is to optimize your new site, include Google Adsense in it, and build your traffic! This process is known as flipping sites, and it will save you lots of time and effort in building up of a website of your own.
However, be sure to do your keyword research, and request on vital information of your websites before you make a purchase. The key here is to be looking out for keywords that have the capability of ranking high in Google and high CPC rates. Also, it would be beneficial for you if the website that you purchase already has a steady flow of incoming traffic on a regular basis.

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