samedi 3 mars 2012

Adding Adsense Code


Ok, you've done your keyword research, registered a domain, setup Wordpress, and added content to your site.
Now it's time to monetize your micro-niche site.
First, you'll need to generate the Adsense code you'll be inserting in your site.
At this point you've probably already signed-up for a Google Adsense account and been approved. If not, do this ASAP, as it will take a few days for Google to process your application.
Once you have an account, login and go to the “Settings” tab.

You'll want to select your product, which in this case is “Ads for Content”.
A setup wizard will then ask you a few questions to help you chose the size and colors of your ads. When creating an ad you will be given a choice of an “ad unit”
or a “link unit”. Please choose “ad unit – text & image ads”
Now is also a good time to grab your Amazon Associates id and eBay Affiliate id as this will be inserted in to the theme as well to grab products related to your keywords.
This is a great way how I increase my income. *Signing up for these affiliate programs is required so do this immediately. The links are listed below:

Now you'll be given your own Adsense code, which you will be copy-and-pasting into your site.
It will look something like this:

Where Do I Put This Code on My Wordpress
The custom Wordpress theme you will be using makes this easy.
Login to your administrator's page now. On the left side menu's, under “Appearance” select “ Lazy 10K Theme Options”
This will open up the page you see above.
From here you will simply need to copy and paste your Adsense codes into the boxes, corresponding to the size of each ad.
Important: Google limits the number of Adsense blocks you can display on any page. Don't worry though; the theme has been set-up to be fully compliant with Google's policies.

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