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Uploading The Essential Plugins To WordPress


Now let's give your Wordpress site some real SEO power...
Wordpress has a variety of terrific plug-ins that will let your site rank easily and quickly. This section will go through several vital plug-ins that will help you use the power of Wordpress to your advantage.

This one is absolutely essential. The All-In-One-SEO Pack lets you add keyword rich titles, headings and descriptions to your site.
This cool little plugin also let you do the same for your individual pages, and that is where its real power comes from. Think about the last time you used Google to search for something. In the results, you would have seen the title of each site, and then underneath
that, a short description about what the site is about. And getting both of those correct is an important part of getting your site ranked.

A little later, we'll go into more detail about keyword-research, but for now all you need to know is that the All-In-One-SEO Pack gives you an easy way to create a description, title and other important SEO elements for your site.
After installing the plug-in, use the following steps to start optimizing your site for the search engines (see, we're beginning to move you up the rankings already).
Enable the Plug-In by selecting the appropriate button.
Write The Title for your Homepage
Your title will contain your most important keywords (I'll show you how to find these in Ch. 2).
If possible these should appear as the first words in the title. All other things being equal, Google will give more weight to keywords appearing early in the title and description, rather than at the end.
Take some time to get your title right, as it is the first thing people will see on the search pages. Write Your Description for Your Homepage
You have 160 characters to work with here. Again, include your main keywords at the beginning if possible. You can even work them in twice, if you can make it
sound natural.
It is very important, however, to also make your description read naturally, and not sound like a jumble of keywords.
After all, this description, along with the title, are the only two things that your potential visitors see in the search results.
And remember that you have just a few seconds to draw your visitors in, and make them click through to your site.
So it’s worth it to spend some time getting the title and description right. Test,
Test, Test! It’s great to test different titles and descriptions and see which ones attract more visitors. We will get to that later in the tracking section.


Here is where to list all of the keywords you'd like your site to appear in the search rankings for.
Again, in Chapter 2, I'll give you what I'm calling my “Golden Nuggets” for finding keywords that will help you get a ton of traffic to your site. For now enter any keyword phrases you have found for your site, with a comma between each of them. almost done with All-In-One-SEO Pack. The rest of the options you can leave at their defaults for now.
Scroll down to the bottom of the pages, and click “Update Settings” to save what we've done so far.
How Do I Install a Wordpress Plugin Anyway? (WP experts feel free to read ahead)
If you've never installed a Wordpress plug-in, it’s time to learn (it’s easy to do and takes about a minute).
Wordpress plug-ins are created in the form of a zip file (themes are too, and we'll talk about that next).
In your administrator page, on the side bar on the left, you will see a list of features you can use to customize your Wordpress page.
Find “Plug-ins” from the list and click on it.
Next find the “Install” tab. From here you can browse for the plug-in (zip file)
you have downloaded to your computer and upload it to Wordpress.
That's it! Wordpress will take care of the rest.

Easy Privacy Policy

Google wants every site that displays its Adsense ads to have a privacy policy.
It is very important to be aware of just what Google requires of its partner sites (and its not that much, really). If you cut corners here, you risk losing your
Adsense account.
Why do that when a few plug-ins make it easy to give Google what it wants?
The “Easy Privacy Policy” gives you a pre-made privacy policy you can have up and running in a few minutes. Download and install the plug-in as you did with “All-In-One-SEO Pack”.
The plug-in will ask you a few questions about how you will be using the information you collect from visitors to your site. For example, you Adsense site
will be using cookies, and your privacy policy will let people know that.
Some of you may be a little nervous about making a privacy policy if you've never done it, but for the sites we are making, it is really just a formality. Let the plug-in set up your privacy policy, and then forget it.

Google Sitemap Generator

This plug-in can get a little technical, but you really only need to know a few things to make it work. Then set it and forget it.
Basically, Google Sitemap Generator tells Google's spiders how to navigate your site. This will obviously help you out in the rankings.
Download and install this plug-in (you should all be pros at this by now).
When it is installed, a new menu for the plug-in (called “Sitemap”) will appear in the “Options” page.
Here you can set how often you'd like a new Sitemap generated for your site.
Once per week should be fine.

Now click on “Rebuild Sitemap” to tell the plug-in to create a sitemap for the first time.
That's really all you need to do get this plug-in working for you.

RSS Includes Pages

This plug-in is a simple, yet is an important tweak to Wordpress that allows your RSS feed to include pages as well as posts.
Download this plug-in above, and install it on your site as well.

WP Database Manager

It always pays to have a backup plan. Servers have been known to go down, erasing all of your hard work in the process.
This plug-in will give you some piece of mind, by making a backup copy of your whole site automatically, and sending it to an email address of your choosing.
After installing this plug-in, go to its setup page to enter the email address you'd where you'd like the backup files sent. You can configure the plug-in to create a backup automatically every so many days, or you can chose to do it manually.
That's it. You site is now primed and ready to be an SEO powerhouse.

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