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SEO:Header Tags,Site Interlinking,Image SEO,Keyword Distribution,follow links


Header Tags (H1-H2 etc)

You will use header tags as the headlines for your articles. Wordpress will automatically use the title of each post as a header tag, so you won't need to
worry about hardcoding this into your site.
As with the title, headers should include your keyword early, and be short and catchy to read.

Site Interlinking

Google likes sites that link within. You can use this SEO trick to your advantage.
Tip: Create a web of links that links all your pages together. A great way to do this is by taking an article and referencing or recommending another article that is on your site. Put a link on that article to the recommended article and continue that with all articles!
Doing this will give you a boost in the rankings.

Image SEO

Anytime you have the chance to include an image on your site, by all means do it.
Images add visual appeal to your site, and they give it a more professional, polished look.
Not only those, images are another opportunity for on-page SEO.
Caution: Google wants you to keep images away from Adsense ads.So don't place images right next to an ad block. Doing so could get your account banned.
The correct way to optimize images is by using their “alt text” field. When you add an image to your site, be sure to fill in “alt text” with relevant keywords.
Don't overlook this, as Google gives significant weight to the alt text for images $on your site.
Here are a few excellent resources for low cost images:
*Free ones work too!

Keyword Distribution: First, Middle, and Last Sentence

Now it’s time for your actual articles. I want your content to be around 500 words for each separate article. This is a good length to shoot for, unless you have a specific reason to do otherwise.
In a 500 word article you will want your keyword to appear in the following places.
1.In the headline.
2.In the first sentence, preferably early on.
3.In the last sentence, preferably near the end of the sentence.
4.One or two times in the middle.
No more than that. While it may seem like more is better, overdoing your keyword will start to make your content sound phony, and it will put you at risk of being penalized for keyword stuffing.
You should be writing a separate article, and creating a separate

No follow links

There is no reason to have Google index your “About US” “Privacy Policy” and Instruct Google's bots to skip over these pages by making them “no follow”.
Wordpress uses a plug-in to control this:

No Follow Plug in

Installing this will allow to configure individual pages on your site as no follow.
That's everything you need to do to your site itself. In the next chapter we will cover how to use other websites to promote your own.

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