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Article Marketing

Nearly every successful Internet marketer has used article marketing.This subject is large, and there are many ways to go about it.
In particular, there is a hard way that takes a lot of time and effort, and an easier way that will save you a bit of work.
Since this is the Lazy 10K Adsense Publisher, lets talk about the easy way to do article marketing.
But first, what makes article marketing so great? There are many reasons, including...
It is a safe way to build backlinks, and there is no risk of being penalized by
Google for building links this way.
Good content will be syndicated across the web (RSS feed!). One article can turn into hundreds of links, including from authority sites.
It is easy and cheap to outsource article writing and submission, when you are ready to do so. There are a number of good writing services that will be
happy to do this for you.
You certainly don't need to be an award-winning writer to be a success.
Spinning can turn one article into dozens.
You get to include anchor text with backlinks to your site. This is usually done in the “resource box” or “author bio” section.
Remember never use the content articles from your site to build backlinks, unless
you have spun them to a very unique level.
Ahhh spinning! My favorite! Let’s take a look at how I build links!
Integrated Spinning/Submission Software (free on sites built by me) (Video)

Password: lazy10ksecretvidz123

Non-Affiliate Link:

Submitting an Article

Basically, article directories can now be divided into two categories. There are a few “high quality” directories, and many more “lower quality” ones.
The higher quality directories will do better in the rankings, but they only accept more polished writing. They have certain length and formatting requirements that must be followed to the letter, and in general take longer to approve an article.
The quality of writing for these directories should be the same as you'd use on your own site.
Here are a few of the top directories (there are others):

The lower quality directories have many advantages.
1. You can mass submit one article to as many directories as you like. That is, your articles don't need to be unique for each directory.
2. They are much less strict about accepting articles, and some even have instant approval.
3. In a sense, a link is a link, and mass submissions to the lower quality directories can build hundreds of backlinks.
Warning: Overdoing this, by submitting to too many directories, too quickly, has been known to get Adsense accounts suspended. Go easy, and build links
slowly. Don't rely on this as your only method of building links.
Natural Natural Natural!
That said, lets look at two kinds of software that will make submitting to a large number of directories both fast and easy.


We've already touched on one piece of article spinning software that actually submits too! My personal recommendation! In case you missed it, here's that
link again.

Digi Article Blaster

Digi-Article Blaster is a favorite for article spinning and submitting combined, but you will have to pay for the software.
There are other free choices out there as well, including this

web-base spinner:

All spinners work by generating a list of synonyms for common words and phrases. You insert one or more of these into your article, and the spinning
software randomly assembles multiple versions of your original.
That sounds great, but don't count on spinners to give you high quality articles.
At best, the grammar and word choice will be passable, and at worst it will come out like gibberish.
However, with a little practice, it will become easy to crank out many versions of your articles with good enough quality for mass submissions.

Auto Submitters

Submitting to a large number of directories by hand would be a major hassle.
Thankfully there is software that will do the dirty work for us.
Personally I like “Article Marketing Robot” which is paid software (but it does come with a free trial). There are other options out there. You can download the
software here:

Important: One feature I look for is software that allows you to spread out
submissions over a period of time.
Again, going overboard and submitting to thousands and thousands of directories
at once will likely cause you to lose your Adsense account. Be cautious though,
and you will be fine.

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