samedi 3 mars 2012

Optimizing: Using your Golden Nugget Keywords


Now for some serious search engine optimization! In the last step, I gave you the tools to find your “golden nugget” keywords.
Here, we'll be using those keywords in our articles, to help us dominate the search rankings.
What you will be doing is creating a keyword-rich article for each of your keywords, and using those articles to build the pages of your site.
How exactly should you use each keyword in your articles?
Here are a few rules of thumb to follow.
1) The exact keyword should appear in the article's title, and should appear
early on in the title if possible.
2) The keyword should appear once in the first sentence of your article, and again should appear early in the sentence if possible.
3) The keyword should appear in the last sentence of the article.
4) In addition to the above, the keyword should be sprinkled throughout the
article about once every 100 words.
So, for example, in a 500 word article, your keyword should appear: in the title,
in the first sentence, in the last sentence, and twice more in the middle of the article.
Keeping Readers Interested:Bold,Titles, Colored Text
If you've noticed anything about this book, it's probably the wide range of colors, font styles and sizes, underlines, italics, and other variations I use in my writing.
This is not an accident, nor am I doing this just for laughs. Adding variety to your writing in these ways is actually a well know technique copywriters use in practically all of their sales writing.
The purpose of this kaleidoscope of shapes and colors is to keep your readers interested, and draw attention to the important points you are making.
Reading off of a computer screen, as everyone is aware of, is more difficult on the eyes than reading a traditional book.
Readers will be put off by large blocks of text with no breaks,
and may soon get bored, even if the information you are giving them is good.
To avoid this phenomenon in web writing, use a variety of color and font choices.
How much is variety is enough?
Well, I may be biased, but I think the pages of
this book strike a good balance between boring, plain text on the one hand, and outright silly on the other.
But remember, if this is your first time writing for the web, you're probably safe adding more variety than you think you can get away with.
On a related note, you should also favor short sentences over long, complex ones, and short paragraphs over large ones.
Bullet points and other lists are definitely your friend in web writing, so include those whenever you can as well.

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