vendredi 9 mars 2012

Minimize The Escape Routes

What do I mean by an “escape” route?

Virtually anything that can get your visitor away from your site (and thus, your ads) would be described as an escape route. A link to another site, an image slideshow, a banner promoting an affiliate product...if it can distract your visitor from the ads, you want to remove it from your site.
Have you ever seen a squeeze page? Here’s an example of one:

This squeeze page has no links other than the email opt-in form. It is designed for one single purpose only: to “squeeze” the email from a visitor. In the hands of a good mark eter, such pages can give conversions above 50% easily. Do you now understand why it’s called a “squeeze” page and not a “click-around-aimlessly” page?
When making your sites, you should follow a similar mentality. This means that you must try to “squeeze” clicks from your visitors by minimizing thenumber of escape ro utes. Ideally, your page should have just your article, a list of pages on your site (the navigation menu), the ads, and a foo ter. A visitor coming to your site should have just three options:
1. Click through to another page on your site
2. Click on an ad
3. Press the ‘back’ button and go to another site
You want to make sure that he chooses either option 1 or 2. Give him engaging content that will prevent him from pressing the back button. Limit his options so that he is literally compelled to click on the ads. Following these simple steps can increase your CTR dramatically.

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