jeudi 1 mars 2012

Determine where to place your ads using Heat Map

Determine where to place your ads using Heat Map
What is a Heat Map?
A Heat Map is a chart that shows the areas on a website which most people click on when they open the site, by their own human instinct.The map display regions coloured red, orange, yellow, white – Thedarker the colour, the higher the chance of them clicking on the ads, and thus, the better the spot.Before designing your new site or planning to remodel your current site,do take note of the “hot spots” to put your Google Adsense ads so thatyou can maximize your profits by increasing the number of clicks you receive.
Layout of a Typical Blog's Heat Map

As seen from the heat map, the “hot spots” tend to lie in the middle of the webpage. Never place your ads at the extreme top and bottom of the webpage as people tend not to look at these areas and focus their attention on the centre of the webpage. Do remember to monitor the activities and clicks on your blog, and adjust your ads accordingly!

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