samedi 3 mars 2012

Where To Find Content and Rewriting


Ok, lets talk a little more about PLR articles. Where do we find them, and how do we use them?
PLR articles, when used correctly, can save you a great deal of time.
What can you do with these articles exactly? Private label rights mean you can:
~Rewrite part or an entire article to make it your own.
~Put your own name on the article.

~Use it as is (but this may not be a good idea, as we talked about above...duplicate content issues)
So basically, you have the right to do whatever you like with it.
To find PLR articles on your particular topic, a good place to start is to Google “PLR + your subject”
When you purchase these in bulk, you can literally buy articles for a few pennies each.
Now, to avoid Google's duplicate content restriction, you'll need to rework them.
This can be as simple as replacing a percentage of the words with synonyms.
Software has been developed that will help you with that process, called “spinning”.
I would suggest starting out with the free trial version of a program call WordFlood, which can be found at

Wordflood, and other article rewriters, will give you a list of synonyms that you can easily substitute into your PLR articles to create original material.
I also like to use to gather related words.
Check it out as it has a cool graphic user interface. No need to sign up and pay, you can use it free!

Writing like a salesman

Ok, so your articles should answer all of your visitor’s questions completely, and give them all the information they could possibly need, right?
Well yes and no....
Think about it, you goal is to get your visitor to click-thru to your ads, right?
They won't do that if you bog them down with too much information, and answer all their questions.
You need to start thinking (and writing) like a salesman.
What your writing really needs to do is 4 things:
Grab attention: Remember you have few seconds only to get that attention, and you are competing again a huge number of other media that wants it too. When you learn that lesson, you will start to think about writing much differently.
Build interest: You will do this by identifying a specific problem your visitor has-like losing weight, quitting smoking, picking the right stereo system, etc.
Create desire: This is accomplished by showing the solution to the problem at hand. For the example of picking a stereo system, your article could discuss the features you definitely want to look for in a good stereo.
After you've just begun to hint at a solution, stop. What you want to your article to do really is “pre-sell” the visitor, so that they are primed and ready to... Take action: Which in your case simply means clicking one of the ads on your page to look for more information, or to make a purchase. Actually, what the visitor does after clicking your ad is irrelevant to you, as you get paid simply for their action of clicking the ad.
By the way, this method of attention, interest, desire, and action (or AIDA for short) didn't start with the internet.
AIDA has been around for decades, and for all that time, advertisers have been using it to influence peoples' behavior.
If you want to be successful online, its time you started using AIDA too. The theme I have built for you was built upon these four ideals.

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