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How To Create A Good Content- Write for a good CTR (Click Through Rate)


What Google is Looking For?

Throughout this course we have been talking about how important it to giveGoogle what it wants. Like it or not, it is Google's ballgames, and they know it.
The plus side is that if you give Google what it is looking for, they will reward you in a number of ways.
When it comes to the content on your site, Google is looking for a few things:

Quality & Original Content

This boils down to two things. The first is not to use copyrighted material that belongs to someone else on your site.
Several years ago, a type of site called on “auto-blog” started to gain popularity.
Auto-blogs used the RSS feeds of other sites, which regularly published news articles and place those articles onto their own sites.
While this certainly made adding new material easy, it violated copyright in many cases. Google cracked down on these types of sites, penalizing them in the search engines, and banning them from the Adsense program.

The moral of the story is to stay away from putting copyrighted material on your site.

After all, it is not too hard to create your own, and I will show you just how to do that later in the chapter.
The second point has to do with what is known as private label rights, or PLR for short. Purchasing PLR articles gives you the right to slap your own name on the writing and put it up on your site. There is no copyright violation in doing this However...
Dozens of other site owners may also have purchased the same articles.
Google got wise this too, and started to penalize sites with duplicate content in their rankings.
Now there is a good use for PLR writing, but you will need to rework it to make it unique before you can use it on your site with worrying. Hiring a writer to rewrite content related to your niche is a great inexpensive way to get started.

The right amount of content

Google likes sites with a lot of relevant content on them. There really is no upper limit to this, but there is a lower one. Your site should have at least 10-15 pages of content. Your privacy policy, about us, and similar pages don't count. You need at least 10-15 pages of content over and above those pages, or you risk
being hurt in the rankings.
Stay away from any content that might be seen as objectionable.
Google specifically states that it will not allow Adsense ads to show on sites with adult content, sites that promote discrimination of any kind, and a few other banned categories.
To steer clear of all this, it is best to pick a commercial product or service and base your site on that. With all of the choices available, trust me it will not be hard to find an appropriate topic for your new site.

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