samedi 3 mars 2012

How to create Exact Match Domains


Your domain name is one of the first things a visitor uses to understand what a website is about, and also how much perceived authority it has.
Domain names also have a huge function in SEO...
Using your main keyword in your domain name is called an “exact matchdomain”... and it is one of the most powerful SEO tools available to you.

Your main keyword phrase should appear at the start of your domain name, exactly as it showed up during your keyword research.
Let's take one of my niche sites as an example.
The main keyword for this site was “infant toddler car seats”.
As an exact match domain, this turns into What if someone had beat me to that domain name?
Well, in that case I could have simply tacked another word onto the end, like
Go to your domain name registrar of choice ( is a good one), and type your main keyword phrase (without spaces) into the domain search.
If the domain is available, go ahead and jump on it.
If someone has already register that name, try a variation that makes sense, like adding “reviews”, “site” or another word at the end.
The important thing, from an SEO perspective, is that your keyword appears exactly as the first words in the domain you chose.

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