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The Best AD Formats For My Website

Use Image Sparingly

Carrying on with the idea of minimizing noise, as an AdSense marketer, you should strive to use as few ads as possible. Too many Adsense marketers make
the mistake of completely littering their site with ads. Goo gle allows for 3 Adsense text and/o r image ads, 3 Adsense link units, and one Adsense for
search unit per page. Just because they allow for 7 different ads on a page doesn’t mean that you have to use all of them. The less ads you have the better.
Because just like with AdWords, Google displays the highest paying or highestn performing ads first. Thus, if you have just one ad unit, your visitors will see
the highest paying ads first, giving you a higher CPC. With several ad units, the visitor may click on a low paying ad unit instead, lowering your average CPC.
Not only that, more ad units can confuse the visitor and give your site a messymlook. I personally never use mo re than 1-3 Adsense units on a page.

Images, for all that they are worth, actually distract a visitor from your contentand the ads. With AdSense, I consider images as another part of “noise” and avoid them as much as possible. If it can be said purely through text, then say it through text. Use images only when it is absolutely necessary.
If you absolutely have to use images, make sure to place them at the end of your post. The “above the fold” section should have just your article title, AdSense and main article visible. Any images or extra elements should go at the bottom of the article.

Stick To The Tried And Tested AD Siezes

There’s a reason why ad formats like 300x250 Rectangle, or 336x280 Rectangle are the most popular: they have been proven to perform consistently across a wide variety of sites. The best performing ad sizes are:
336x280 Large Rectangle
160x600 Wide Skyscraper
300x250 Medium Rectangle
We will discuss the exact layouts for getting high CTRs later in the guide. For now, you should stick to only these three formats.

Use Link Units Judiciously

Adsense Link Units can be a powerful source of revenue, provided you know how to use them properly. Don’t just place them randomly around your site.
The power of link units lies in the fact that they look like navigation elements.
Place them in positions where a visitor might think of them as such and click them.
I never use more than one link unit on a page.

Stand Out ,Dont Blend In

Take cue from the section on minimizing noise, one way of getting people to pay attention to your ads is to make them stand out just a little. Like I said, noise can be used to your advantage.
One advice almost any Adsense marketer will give you is to “blend” the ads with your site’s layout and design. They will tell you to have the same link color as the other links on your website, the same background, border, etc
However, in my experience, making the ads stand out usually leads to more clicks than making them blend in. You want the visitor to be attracted to an ad and click it instinctively. By blending the ad into the general design of your site, you are invariably making him ignore the ads and consider it a part of
your content.
I’ll give you the exact ad colors to use later, but for now, you should just know that dark blue (#0000FF) is recognized across the internet as the color for links. Use this to your advantage by making your Ad units in this color.

Your CTR Vary From Niche To Niche

Anybody who has spent even a couple of months making websites will know that no two sites are the same, and no two niches will give the same conversion rates. With AdSense, your CTR can vary wildly across different niches. A
product based keyword such as “faux leather handbags” might give a far better CTR than an information based keyword like “how to use FTP software”. Don’t expect the same results from every niche. The audience for each niche, each keyword is unique. Consequently, your results will vary from niche to niche.
You will learn more about niche selection in later chapters.

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