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Stage 1: Keyword Research & Content Creation

Stage 1: Keyword Research& Co


nt Creation

If Keyword Research within this stage is improperly handled, EVERY other step in

this blueprint will not work or take a very, very long time to get anywhere.

We cannot emphasise the value of proper Keyword

Research enough!

And within Keyword Research, the most vital aspect of it is assessing your




That’s worth repeating:


Get that wrong and rankings misery lies ahead.

It is therefore


to watch our video training on Keyword Research in SEO

Experts Academy


buying new domains, especially Exact Match Domains


These are the BIG 5 critical Keyword Research questions:

1. Can you realistically rank in a high position for a particular keyword or set of


That’s SEO COMPETION metrics again

2. Is the term a ‘buying keyword’? (watch related video inside

SEO Experts

Academy (B asic Area)

3. Is there sufficient traffic for the search term to make it viable (e.g. 3,000+

exact match USA searches a month minimum UNLESS the AdSense CPC is



the accumulation of long-tail search terms pushes potential volume

over 10,000 a month)?

4. If you are considering an affiliate site, are the potential commissions worth

your SEO resource investment (e.g. on Amazon, promoting $400 cameras for

a potential commission of $20-$30 per sale OR promoting a $20 toaster with

$1 comm issions)?

5. If you are keen on promoting a particular product or service, is there pretty

good alignment between the product/service

and the likely audience for that

specific search term (e.g. trying to promote antivirus software to a broader IT

search term audience may lack specificity/alignment in terms of

problem /solution)?

Besides watching the relevant video training, let’s take a look at a very difficult

(without a LOT of SEO resource
s) term to rank for, hotels Las Vegas.

Interestingly, the Anchor Text used by some of these high ranking s

ites for ‘las vegas

hotels’ don’t necessarily feature as their main Anchor Text used in backlinks but their

AUTHORITY seems to be balancing their RELEVANCE and obviously their On-Page

SEO is geared towards relevance for t

hat term.

And here is a much much easier term to rank for – our

leather jackets for men

exam ple:

When we are doing Keyword Research and see a lot of online shopping sites

ranking high on Page 1 (e.g. Overstock, Best Buy, Yahoo, Walmart, Amazon), that’s

usually a green light as those pages are typically very easy to out-SEO.

The #1 site (Macy’s) for ‘leather jackets for men’ - according to one of my favourite

SEO tools:


– has 0 backlinks with the exact term, ‘leather jackets for

men’. That’s about as big a green light as possible!

However, when doing SEO Competition Analysis, if Wikipedia is at the top, we

move on as Wikipedia is usually a prett y tough proverbial SEO nut to crack.

Now, assuming that your Keyword Research has been properly done, we need to

move on to:

When new content is required in the Action Plan below, this reminder icon appears:

For quality SEO campaigns, Content Creation will be a


feature of the


At virtually EVERY stage of the process below, fresh content – original and/or

human-spun articles normally – will be required.

Therefore it is essential that we know exactly what content is required and in what

form and at what precise steps in the process.

This will probably mean outsourcing a writer or a writing service.

My best writing service recommendation at the moment in terms of quality and on-

time delivery is:


However, you can also find outsourced writing services here:


And of course on:




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