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Components Of A Profitable Niche Site,Host,domain

Components Of A Profitable Niche Site

The success of a niche site is determined by its ability to rank higher for

high demand search terms. Most search

terms that are high in demand

typically have relevant products and services that are sold online by

various vendors. As such, selec

ting the right keyword(s) around which to

base your niche website on is critical to your ability to earn affiliate

commissions from product sales, sales of your own digital products as

well as advertising revenue.

Getting A Web Host And A Suitable Domain Name

Tips On Choosing A Domain Name

Always choose a domain name that

is short, meaningful and most

importantly, easy to remember. Your domain name will provide the first

impression of your entire blog or site to the customers. If its something

irrelevant to what your services or pr

oducts actually are, then your

customers will probably never click on

your link again. It is not advised

to have a long domain name, as customers might end up typing it

wrongly into the web browser.

For example, is

much easier to remember and is less confusing than


As such, you should be precise in

selecting a suitable domain name!

Unarguably, two of the top vendors in the online marketplace today are


They are leaders in the industry which

you can count on doing business se

curely and providing good service

from the get go. However, I p

refer to use Namecheap as

they are

reasonably priced. A bonus is that they offer free privacy protection for 1

year (WhoisGuard) and they do not continually try and up-sell you on

other products like some other well known registrars.

Here, we will take you through the process of registering your own

personal domain name at

After setting up your account, you can start searching for available

domain names, and add those that you want into your shopping cart for



You have passed through the shopping cart and added your

details as for any online transaction, One query that first time

purchasers sometimes have is the questions that are asked about

WhoisGuard and Nameservers. You can tick the box that says ‘Enable

WhoisGuard’ and mark the button that says ‘Use our free Nameservers’.

WhoisGuard is a free privacy protection function that is free for a year

after your purchase of domain names.

Finish making the payments, and you'l have successfully registered your

own unique domain name!

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