mercredi 29 février 2012

Providing Quality Content

Providing Quality Content

Once you have installed your theme you are ready to start blogging! You

can click on ‘Add New’ under the ‘Posts’ section in the left hand

navigation and start creating your first post by creating a title and


However, do take note that the content that you provide has to be

unique and engaging. The key to receiving massive traffic and getting

people hooked on to your site is to create content that is not readily

available elsewhere on the Internet. In other words, you should be the

online authority of your specific topic.

To help you with this, I advise you to come up with content that is not

factual, since facts can be readily found anywhere, (plus, its boring).

Instead, come up with instructional posts that can benefit and help

people! You can also create lists posts such as “10 Reasons Why You

Should Drink Green Tea”, or “7 Steps To Making Delicious Tea”. People

generally want to know “how” and “why” when they look or search for

information online, and your blog should be catered to answering these

questions for them!

You will constantly need to update your blog with fresh content perhaps

on a weekly basis so as to produce an incentive for your traffic to revisit

your blog as well. By providing quality content that is beneficial to your

visitors, people will start to link to your site, telling their friends about

you, or even share your site on social media platforms! This means that

you will be generating an influx of traffic to your blog, and a higher

opportunity of these visitors clicking on your ads!

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