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How To Find High Converting Keywords For Your Adsense

How To Find High Converting Keywords For Your Adsense

As you know, Google Adsense works by noticing specific keywords from your blog's content, and places ads that are related to your keywords on your blog. These keywords are commonly used throughout your entire blog, and also in your blog's meta tags. As such, in order to have a successful money-making campaign with Google Adsense, you will need to find high converting keywords to optimize Adsense on yourblog!
Always research on the keywords used by your competitors, check out your competitors web pages, especially if they are making a lot of money. Find out what keywords are helping them earn and use those keywords too.
The formula here is simple: Low Competition + Decent PPC +
High Search Volumes = Excellent Keyword(s)
Use Keyword Research Tools like Google Adwords tool or other free keyword tools to help you in searching for the correct keyword. These tools make keyword research faster and more effective. After you have found the main keyword for your content, do include
related words or phrases which your target audience might use to search for the product or service which you provide. Remember, the most expensive clicks may not be the best. Yes, there are clicks which earn you about $50 a click. However, it is not going to help if it is rarely clicked. It doesn’t matter if one click earns you only a $1 a click, if it is click few hundred times a day, it is going to earn you
more revenue in the long run Number of times clicked > Amount earned from each click Therefore, try to find quality keywords that have decent pay per click and high possibility of being clicked by your target audience. If you can optimize this,
then your Adsense conversion rates is going to be very high.

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