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Customizing Wordpress And Finding A Good Theme

Customizing Wordpress And Finding A Good Theme

After registering your domain name and getting a web host, you can now start to customize your blog! Login to your Wordpress admin area.

You can access this page by typing in www.yourdomainmame/wp-admin into your web browser, and you will end up on the page as shown below:

Enter Your username and Password, and then you will come to your

Wordpress Dashboard. This is an overview of your entire administrative

area. You should get familiar with the tools here. To edit the Themes,

click on the 'Appearance' on the left hand side, and select 'Themes' from

the submenu.

There are a number of options for you to install a WordPress theme.

The first is to click on the ‘Install themes’ tab. This will give you access to thousands of free themes that have been created by web developers and made freely available.

You can search by color or style and just click on the install button when you have found something that you like

Another option you can consider is to install a premium theme

Premium Wordpress Themes are definitely well coded, are well

supported, and already made SEO-Friendly. However, these premium

themes might be rather costly, and I advise you to stay with a free

theme if its your first time setting up a website.

You should have a picture of how you want the entire website to look

like in your mind, and search for a perfect theme to fit your needs. For

example, a preference of mine is to utilize a slider to promote my articles

or products on the website. Sliders are a good way to capture the

attention of readers, and there is higher CTRs! Also, I like to use

'magazine styled' themes as I find it neat, and easy to navigate

For free awesome magazine styled themes, I recommend looking at this site :

Installing your wordpress themes and customizing it could take you quite awhile, but it is an integral part of making money online.

Your blog will be your source of attraction

– if your blog is not engaging or captivating, you will not have visitors or incoming traffic to your site!

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