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Setting Up Of Your Blog,Niche,Using Google Adwords

Setting Up Of Your Blog

Now that I've got you excited, do take a look at this website,

, that I had previously owned. It looks neat

, simple and

engaging right? To tell you the truth, it took me only about 5 days to get

the site all started up and functioning w

ith unique articles.

In my opinion, the hardest part of every successful business is always

the initiation process, as it will require much time, effort, and perhaps

startup costs, to overcome.Y

et, if you are willing to put in th

e hard work,

you will eventually find yourself reaping the seeds that you have sown,

and that managing the blog

would be relatively easy after all!

As such, using this model of mine, I'm going to guide you through the

startup process as well, and teach you how to set up an efficient blog like mine!

Choosing A Suitable Niche

Before setting up your site, you will first need to decide on a suitable

target niche to tap into. To help you with this, there are certain key

factors that you ought to take into consideration.

Target Audience

Ask yourself this: Whom do you plan for your blog to cater to? To help

you with this, You can first de

cide on a broad niche, such as health,

finance or gaming, before zoo

ming in on a specific target group. In my

case, I chose to target the health niche, before deciding to start an

educational blog about teas. As such, my main specific target audience

are tea appreciators and dri


Level Of Competition

Being in an overcrowded niche could lead to a small and new blog like

yours being phased out

overtime. However, having

many competitors in

the same niche might not necessarily be a bane for your site. In fact,

you might actually use these competitors to your advantage. Knowing

that there are many

different sites and blogs provi

ding information about

teas as well, I decided to build and establish connections with several

webmasters. As a result, I was able to leverage on the success of

several established tea sites, and climbed to the top of Google Search

Page for the keywords “about teas”!

Using Google Adwords Tool

This should be the core factor that determines the niche market that you

are going to venture into. G


Adwords Tool provides you with

knowledge on the volumes of searches and the level of competition for

specific keywords. It is

perhaps more favourable to focus on a keywords

that have large volumes of searches, and lower levels of competition.

The results are shown as local monthly and global monthly searches.

Because Google is just one sea

rch engine, I usually mult

iply the

numbers I see by a factor of three to cover the remaining 76,548 search

engines out there

Do take note to always check the “Exact” box on the bottom left corner

to ensure the accuracy of t


search results. You will see that when this

box is checked, the search number is typically much smaller than the

initial default results.

Take a look at the example be


When the “Broad” box is being selected, the phrase “about teas” has a global

monthly searches of 24,000,000 and

Local Monthly Searches of 360,000.

However, when the “Exact” box is selected, the global monthly searches drops

to 300,000 and local monthly searches to 135,000.

The main keyword “about teas” goes from a search demand of

24,000,000 to 300,00. That is a drastic drop of almost 80times! You see

how this can mislead people into starting what they think are profitable

niche sites?

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